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Check out the full list of features of zelloz platform

A Customizable Feature-Packed Platform
Check out the full list of features of zelloz platform


The product supports the context of international marketing to a customer –oriented strategy.

User friendly

The system has a user friendly atmosphere and interface which is handy to the users and adaptables.


The system support multiple resellers and multi-vendor business markets which accelerates market in new trends.

SEO Friendly

The user interface of our system is accessible and comes in top related search results of shopping carts..

Content management

There is a systematic content management system implemented in the administration panel

Coupon / offer

There is provision to add offer and coupons. The re-sellers can attract the customers with alluring offers and coupons.

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Design + Technology + Usability
The flexibility of zelloz allows the look of your store is fully customized

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